Legal notice

  • Dealer: Avex Entertainment Co., Ltd.
  • Representative Officer: Kenta Sudo
  • Location: 1-4, Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0073 Sumitomo Real Estate Azabu Juban Building
  • phone number:050-3613-8562
  • Email address:
    ※It will be easier for you to contact us if you use this contact form.
  • Payment method: Credit card / Google Pay / Apple Pay
  • Sales price: Displayed on each page for each product
    • * The official price of the product is JPY (Japanese yen). In this service, it may be displayed in other selected currencies, but these are just reference prices.
    • * All dates and time displayed in this service will be Japan Standard (UTC+9). Users shall apply for purchase after confirming the product sales period, release date, promotion period, etc. in advance.
  • Necessary fare other than the product price:
    • ● Consumption tax
    • ● Shipping fee (depending on the area of ​​the orderer)
    • ● Communication fee (The communication fee and packet fee required for using the service will be borne by the orderer (the amount depends on the contract between the orderer and the telecommunications company).
    • * Import duties and taxes may be imposed when the product arrives in the country where the user resides. In that case, the additional fee for customs clearance will be borne by the user. Since these costs vary from country to country, we are not obliged to predict or manage these costs. For details, please contact the customs of the country where the user resides.
  • Shipping: average 2,700 yen* Delivery country, the selected delivery method is different.
  • Domestic delivery:Uniform 800 yen (however, the price may differ depending on the product ordered. Please check on the check -out screen.)
    overseasSelect than multiple delivery carriers at the time of purchase (the fee is different)
  • Overseas delivery: average 3,000 yen
  • Sales amount: different for each product.* If the quantity is limited, it will be specified separately on the site page.
  • Product delivery time: Displayed on each page for each product for ordering to order* If the delivery time is identified due to the arrival time of the product, etc., it will be specified on the site page separately.
  • Handling of defective products: If there is dirt, damage, or wrong product delivery, please contact the customer support within 7 days after the product arrives. We will inform you of how to return and exchange here.
  • Returned goods, return deadline, returned goods: No returns for customer's convenience other than damage or defective products.