Shipping policy

  • 【delivery】

    Delivery company:We use different delivery services depending on the area of ​​the orderer.

    • * Products cannot be delivered for some countries and regions, and we may cancel the purchase.
  • [Number of delivery days]

    Please check the delivery date when purchasing each product.
    In addition, when purchasing products on different delivery dates in the same cart, we will deliver them together according to the delivery date of the latest product.

  • [Red delivery]

    If your purchase product is returned to the Company regardless of the reason for "long -term absence", "unknown address", "refusal to receive", "non -payment of tariffs", any cost required for redelivery will be required. We shall bear the burden.
    In addition, if the redelivery purchase product is returned again from the delivery company, the purchase product will be freely disposed of, and the payments that have already been paid will not be refunded at all.
    For more information,terms of servicePlease confirm.